Ketrasvim Ixen Kepesk Haurach

Legacy of Fire; Storm of Fate

This is a published adventure so there will be spoilers1!

“Katapesh is a land of magic, and no magic is more potent than wishcraft. When wishes are abused, reality itself shudders as destiny is forced to reweave along paths it never meant to take. One such manifestation is the Legacy of Fire, a series of event set into motion centuries ago that are only now nearing their explosive end…”

Our heroes have been set upon their paths by twisting strands of fate and now their actions will determine the course of a war that began hundreds of years ago.

1 This being the published Pathfinder adventure Legacy of Fire part 1, Howl of the Carrion King (whom our intrepid PCs have now met and eviscerated) and the interwoven threads of PC backstory (which make the GM giggle in anticipation).

Ketrasvim Ixen Kepesk Haurach

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