Ketrasvim Ixen Kepesk Haurach

Episode 1, Parts one and two

In which Grant, Karrd, Mook, Xeneph Bakerson, and Zorov Denante ended their journey across the desert from the city of Solku to the Sultan’s Claw in company of Garavel, who was leading his collected band of able men towards his employer to hire them on in an exterminating capacity.

When they arrived at the solitary landmark, they found the camp of Almah Roveshki’s caravan to be in flames. The wagon of the expedition’s Harrower had gone up in flames and the first moments before their employ was spent firefighting, healing the wounded, stealing from the wounded, pulling other wagons out of the way of the fire and failing to calm the livestock. Then followed the attempts to determine who set the fire, leading to suspicion of Dashki, the expedition’s gnoll expert, and the eventual discovery of a previously unheard of species of gremlin. From here the camp pulled up stakes and moved to a more secure location nearer to the village of Kelmarane, Almah’s ultimate goal.

The monastery of St. Vardishal had been abandoned for 2 decades and needed a good cleaning before using its mostly intact walls as protection from the desert. Our adventurers slew a few more pugwampis and some angry baboons.



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