Ketrasvim Ixen Kepesk Haurach

Episode 3, Parts two and three

The caravan migrated inside the walls and a few intact ceilings, claiming sleeping quarters and boarding the adventurers in the old dormitory where Zorov Denante stood first watch over the mold-encrusted basement door the group had not found time to check that day. Zorov regretted his choice when a wolf spider the size of himself leapt down from the wall and attempted to eat him. The sorcerer found himself in rather dire close-quarters circumstances but managed to fend off the beast long enough for most of the others to awake and assist. The next morning Mook, who had not slept, having no need to do so, was surprised to find a sickly-looking Zorov and a tired-looking party. He had spent the night absorbed in gardening and hadn’t noticed the commotion, though he did contribute an excellent breakfast after the fact.

The moldy basement was explored the next day. The mold came to life and attempted to devour our heroes but they prevailed in the final battle of the monastery of St. Vardishal. The undercrypt was searched and looted after Karrd’s back was turned, as our most silent of protagonists expressed unexpected emotion at the attempt.

Almah Roveshki gathered her employees and outlined their assignment to drive forth or exterminate the gnolls that have taken over the village of Kelmarane. They set out across the dusty Pesh Fields towards the village perhaps a mile away from the monastery. Not far into the fields they attracted the attention of a huge subterranean creature that nearly strangled, digested or drowned in sand several members of the party before it was slain. The rest of the walk was uneventful and they neared the southern road into Kelmarane.



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