Ketrasvim Ixen Kepesk Haurach

Episode 4, Part three

In which our heroes make their way into the village of Kelmarane itself. They don’t make it very far before being spotted by a gnoll patrol and a grumpy old boar. (“Aha!” thinks Jax, “Dinner!”)

After clearing a few buildings without attracting any more attention, Karrd finds the only remaining survivor of another party of enterprising adventurers. Felliped gives the group some useful information about the inhabitants of the village before fainting in fear at a prank of Zorov’s. After they’ve packed the boar in salt, wrapped it in cloth and buried it, the group is interrupted in their discussions of what to do next as a shrieking demon dives through a window and attacks. Though several are badly wounded in the attempt, the group manages to defeat the schir, recover the boar and head back to camp with the grateful Felliped in tow.

Father Zastoran has scrubbed the mold from the basement laboratory in the monastery and spends some time healing the most grievously wounded members of the party.



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