Ketrasvim Ixen Kepesk Haurach

The Cleansing of Kelmarane

Beneath the church of Sarenrae a sealed door locked away the doom of Kelmarane, a daemon whose influence drove the town to madness and destruction decades ago. After the defeat of the monster, Almah declares the group “Heroes of Kelmarane” and grants them a mansion.

A year passes quietly. Xeneph opens a chapter of the Guild of Magi in a hall in Kelmarane, he and Grant busy themselves running the chapterhouse with the aid of Mook. Karrd turns his hand to sculpture, Grace spends time raising and training her new companion and Jax departs on a quiet mission to conquer the world, starting with a local tribe of orcs.

Sometime during the year, Oberron shows up in town on his explorations and in return for some land and some tenent farmers, the elven knight helps slay a starving young sand dragon.



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