Legendary Axe of Jax Skullblood

weapon (melee)

Starts as Adamantine Orc Double Axe

Omen: Displays the symbol of Gruumsh in the sky for 1d4 minutes.

Least Lesser Greater
Ritual costs: 1,500gp 13,000gp 40,000gp
Attack pen Single Save Pen. HP Loss Abilities
5th Enlarge Self (1/Day)
6th -1
7th -1 2 +2 STR BONUS
8th 2 +1 Weapon Enhance
9th -2
10th 2 Evil Outsider Bane
11th +2 Weapon Enhance
12th -2
13th +4 STR BONUS (stacks)
14th 2
15th +3 Weapon Enhance
16th -3 2 Shocking Legacy
17th +6 STR BONUS (stacks)
18th -3 Bull’s Strength, Mass (3/Day)
20th -4 Summon The Orcish Horde (1/Day)


Blood For Your Axe: The wielder of Skullbleeder most inflict half of their total hit points to themself with skullbleeder then use Skullbleeder to defeat a creature of CR 5 or higher without healing the damage inflicted by the Axe.

Eye For An Eye: After defeating a demon of CR 12 or higher the wielder must say a prayer to Gruumsh and Carve their right eye out per the Ritual of the Eye of Gruumsh. (While in possession of Skullbleeder the wielder takes no negative effects from the eye loss)

Trial of Skullblood: The Wielder is transported to their minds eye and must defeat the image of Grosh Skullblood, Jax’s Father, The Demonic Tainted Orc Warlord. (17th level Half-Fiend Barbarian)


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