Ketrasvim Ixen Kepesk Haurach

The Scroll of Kakishon

After questioning Zorov for a time and under the influence of a Zone of Truth, the group decided to return to the surface and the safety of the village before delving too deeply into the implications of the Archon’s visit. They returned to the restful garden to recover a bit before venturing back up the stairs to the Maggot Throne room.

Here they were confronted by the vanished vizier, calling himself Rokuva and demanding the Scroll. The some of the party pierced his illusion disguise and recognized him as the janni Zayifid, another of the Templars of the Five Winds. When a bluff of Rasha’s was called the room errupted into violence and the gnoll guards and Zayifid himself were slain. Nefeshti’s favor and supposed immortality seemed to have gone from this templar as they had from Kardswann.

On their way out of the House of the Beast, the group stopped to demolish a wall hiding the study of the janni, revealing his diary and the fact that it had been him in the guise of a priest of Serenrae who sent them up the mountain in the first place. He had been looking for the Pit of Screaming Ghosts as he masqueraded as a carrion gnoll.

A tribe of troglodytes seemed to be the only remaining occupants of the House of the Beast. When the party stated that they had killed ‘Rokuva’, the leader of the clan thanked them. His clan had had a tentative alliance with the carrion tribe, but when the clan leader suspected that his friend Rokuva had been killed and an imposter replaced him, the troglodytes went to war with the gnolls. However, the clan was greatly outnumbered and have been holed up in a gatehouse of the House of the Beast for months. Xeneph proposes an alliance with the troglodyte chieftain and grants him leave to stay in the fortress before the party return to Kelmarane.

Back in the village, the group attempts to research the strange scroll further. They put a name to it, the Scroll of Kakishon and recall an artifact of the wizard-king Nex, a scroll said to be the sole portal to Nex’s own sanctuary world called Kakishon. Almah Roveshki takes interest in the discovery and relates that she has an old friend in the city of Katapesh who has made his life’s study Nex’s workings and Kakishon in particular. She writes them a letter of introduction and wishes them well as they head out across the desert towards Katapesh and perhaps some answers.



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