Jax Skullblood

A Massive Orc with determination in his one remaining eye.


Jax was born in the north, he was beyond genius by orc standard (Fairly intelligent by human standards). Jax was the son of the orc chieftan and he lived a savage life. Cuttin, Slashin, Burnin, Lootin were Jax’s father’s favorite pass times, and Jax proved to be a quick learner. The Tribe quickly learned there was something different about Jax. He showed reason and choice instead of blind rage, which many found strange. Jax had to fight his way through his childhood, all his peers challenging his ways. After a few years Jax had not only distinguished himself mentally but also physically among the tribe, a trait much more highly valued. His father was still Chieftan, and began viewing his son as a threat for his position. Many of the orcs began looking to Jax as a leader, for he was much kinder and less likely to murder someone for a mistake. Finally the Chieftan challenged Jax to a fight to the death to see who would lead the Tribe. Jax refused the challenge and tried to leave the village. His father attacked him brutally, but Jax refused to engage his father, and instead fled the village.

Alexander Finsk was a retired scholar that had made a home for himself in the woods with his young son William. The Scholar discovered Jax behind his house bleeding to death from the wounds his father had inflicted upon him. Alexander first thought to kill the savage beast before its rage would be unleashed upon his family, however when he approached, the orc did not look angry or savage. The orc’s appearance was similar to a wounded animal, afraid and sad. When Alexander approached with pitchfork brandished, the creature moved with blinding speed. The orc stood up, took the scholars weapon, threw it deep into a nearby tree, then looked down at him and with sadness in his eyes, and fell into unconsciousness. Alexander stood there, quite beside him. It was quite unlike an orc to show mercy, let alone disarm an opponent and spare his life. Alexander, unable to pass up a mystery went back to his home, fetched a wheel barrow and struggled to get the Orc back to his house.

Alexander was shocked at how quickly the big orc learned despite his appearance as a brute. Jax was able to pick up common in little under 2 months. Once they could communicate Jax was very inquisitive and Alexander was full of answers. The two learned much from each other. Alexander knew little of the orc tribes aside from what he had heard in passing, and Jax was more than welcome to fill in the blanks. Jax gained insight about many human relations (never quite grasping that women were equals) and learned much of academics that an orc would never have access to.

One day, after Jax had spent about two years in the scholars company, Alexander decided to make a trip into town for supplies, and left Jax and William at the house by themselves. Per Williams request whenever his father was not around, Jax would teach the boy basic combat maneuvers. As they wrapped up there exercises and began playfully sparing, a man charged out of the woods sword drawn straight at Jax. Fearing for the boy Jax quickly dispatched the man with a single blow from the hatchet he had been holding. Within moments more men charged out of the woods. One by One falling to the Orc’s might. After five minutes of scattered assaults, Alexander came running out of the woods, terror in his eyes as he approached.

A powerful orc chieftan had amassed a horde that was rampaging through nearby regions. The men Jax slew were scouts of a battalion that was headed to combat the orcs. They must have thought Jax was a member of the Orcish Horde that was about to kill the boy. It was clear that it was no longer safe for Jax to stay with them. Jax said a quick farewell to the two, and apologized for the mess he had made next to there home.

The Orc had grown stronger and wiser in the two years since he left his tribe, he was more intelligent than the average human and quite a bit stronger. He made his life as a mercenary, using his brute strength to win his passage around the world. His goal was to learn as much as he could as he traveled, and ally himself with the strongest he could find. So one day he could return and take his Orc tribe from his brutish father, and lead the his tribe to prosper and grow strong…. and he also wanted to rule the rest of the world too.

The Vision:

Jax stood in the a room full of foes he had slain and allies that had helped him accomplish this task when he was called. The Orc knew exactly what he had to do. Being enchanted at the time he asked for a weapon from his close friends. He received a spear and promptly snapped off the blade. He than without flinching drove the blade directly into his right eye. Without making a sound he slowly carved out a hole where the eye would lay and scooped the remnants from his skull. The pain shot directly to his brain, but the orc did not flinch. Instead he got the blessed vision of Gruumsh.

Jax saw himself ontop of a castles battlements making a speech in his native tongue to an army of thousands compromised mostly of orcs. Beside him were his trusted advisers. He stood in glorious black army with cloth draped around him symbols of Gruumsh embroidered on every cloth. He awoke and he knew what he had to do. He must raise this army for Gruumsh, he must teach the world the true potential of orcs, and how they are to be feared and respected.

The Demon:

A beast of unmeasurable power had stood before him and his faith alone aloud him to triumph. He had been tricked, He had been played, and he had been lucky to escape with his life. After such an encounter any other might feel relief, but the mighty orc only felt one thing. Anger.

Jax and anger had become friends over time. Anger was what drove the orc to accomplish what he had, but now the fiery rage that fueled his strength burned through his veins in a way he had never felt before. He had never felt betrayal like this.

Zorov Denante. The name repeated itself in the orc’s head over and over again, every time stoking the furnace of his rage. The Sorcerer had won his way into Jax’s heart. The orc was quick to make friends, quite naive in doing so, but Zorov had shared blood, sweat, and coin with Jax, something no man not even Alexander had done. Zorov had never done anything to make Jax think little of him, and had always been there when the orc needed him most. The orc would have died for the Sorcerer, and had risked his life to save the demon-blooded human more times then he could count. This ultimate betrayal had struck Jax to the core. A fiery dagger had pierced the orc’s heart and had awakened a rage unlike any other. Jax made a promise to himself that day, one that he would carry with him until fulfilled.

“By my remaining eye I swear, Zorov Denante and all of his kin will die.”

Jax Skullblood

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