A Templar of the Five Winds


Wielded an elaborate, currently unidentified, greataxe.


A scout and traveler of the planes representing the south wind, the most well-traveled and worldly of the winds.

Kardswann had become a leader of gnolls, the party discovered this nigh-immortal as the driving force behind the occupied Battle Market of Kelmarane. In the final fight, Karrd accused him of his legacy, invoking the janni’s name and the name of his mistress in the hopes of speaking reason to the maddened genie. Karrd’s words, uttered in a language unknown to the rest of his traveling companions, were clearly understood by Kardswann, though unheeded.

When they slew the janni, his immortality and his mistress’ favor had gone from him.

What in this world could cause this loyal servant to turn from his mistress and everlasting life?


Ketrasvim Ixen Kepesk Haurach Shasjin