A Templar of the Five Winds


Wields a delicate but razor-sharp scimitar.


Nefeshti’s spy and diplomat, Zayifid was a messenger and spy. He represents the west wind, upon which secrets thought hidden were carried.

Zayifid disguised himself as a cleric of Serenrae in order to persuade the party to journey to the House of the Beast and kill the Carrion King. He did wish the mutated gnoll dead, but more importantly he wanted the group to venture down into the Pit of Screaming Ghosts and bring back the Scroll of Kakishon. He was prevented from entering the Pit himself due to a barrier ward protecting the area from entry by genie-kind.

He confronted the party after their successful return and was killed. Clearly he too had lost favor with his mistress, Nefeshti.


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